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Desert Tours 

Explore the different faces of the Negev desert.

We offer 4x4 trips and specialized walking tours in wild landscapes with an emphasis on nature, photography, people, flavors, entrepreneurship and innovation. 

The tours are led by a professional photographer who is also an experienced guide, entrepreneur, educator and artist.

Our walks and encounters focus on the wonders of the desert and the unique human fabric that comprises it.

The tours take place in the Ramon Crater, the Zin Valley, the Negev and the Eilat Mountains.

All tours can be customized to individuals, families, companies as well as groups.

Guidance in English, Hebrew and spanish.

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 To order, call 052-3229496 / 054-4400287 or e-mail

Live like the locals

Bedouin hospitality, camels, arts and crafts. Local farms- Zionism, Wine, Olive oil production, agriculture, warm and inviting hospitality, and everything in between. Entrepreneurship- Meet local business owners and artists.

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Family tours
include activities which are suitable for both children and adults while creating the ultimate family experience.
Guided by an educator and a desert expert.
Walking tours
4X4 jeep tours and photography tours will expose you to the wonders of the desert and the unique people who inhabit it.

Interested in a desert themed photoshoot by a professional photographer? 

Call now- +972-523229496 / 054-4400287

Our recommendations

Israel Nature and Park Authority Visitor Center

Located on edge of the Ramon Crater, you will find the Mitzpe Ramon visitor’s center where you can learn about many different aspects of the surrounding environment: Geology, zoology, botany and archeology. The professional staff will also assist you by recommending and locating hiking trails and other attractions in the area.

08-6588691  Site >> 

Desert Sculpture Park

 On the edge of the northern cliff of the Ramon Crater, facing a magnificent view, lays the Desert Sculpture Park, where you will find astonishing stone-made sculptures scattered along the edge of the cliff. The park contains interactive sculptures, gongs, and bells, which are operated by the wind or manually by the visitors.

Natural Treatments

Recently, Mitzpe Ramon is becoming the center of holistic care, where you can find some of the best natural therapists in their field. We will be delighted to assist you with booking a reservation. Additionally, you are more than welcome to enjoy and relax in our warm, Cedrus tree hut tub, which is heated to 39C/ 100F.

Stones Massage

The Faran company was established in Mitzpe Ramon in 1999 with a vision of creating and developing completely natural cosmetics. Inspired by the nature and the desert, the Faran factory manufactures natural soaps, creams and many other cosmetic products that are approved by the national Ministry of Health.

Operating hours: Sunday-Thursday 8:00-18:00        Friday-8:00-16:00  Site> 

Lasha Bakery

Mitzpe Ramon’s boutique bakery invites you, the pastry lovers, to join a unique bread baking course. Experience two days full of baking lessons. Expand your creativity and skills with new baking techniques, materials, stories, and even an outdoor baking session. Lodging will be in “Desert Home,” a boutique hotel.

For more information and registration: Hadas- +972503611488  Site> 

Mitzpe Ramon Jazz Club

The Jazz Club is a hub for many local musicians. It enriches the Negev area with culture and provides a great source of entertainment to visitors and tourists staying in town. The club hosts both national and international artists who offer a wide variety of different music genres.

Address: Har Boker 2/8 Mitzpe Ramon, +972505265628  Site> 

A Journey Through the Stars

In a world that suffers from light pollution, star gazing under the clear desert sky is a magnificent sight, which should not be taken for granted. Join a breath-taking star gazing adventure guided by expert astronomists. Enjoy learning about the stars using professional equipment such as lasers and telescopes!  Site> 

Starry Sky
Spice quarter

The Spice Quarter is a small, yet enticing area, located in the northern part of town. It is rich with art, culture and local desert vibes. Here you can find professional crafters, local stores, restaurants, pubs and other unique and fascinating businesses.  Site >

רובע דרכי הבשמים.png
Nana Vineyard and Winery

Located 800 meters above sea level, Nana Vineyard lays in the upper channel of the Zin river. Extreme temperature differences between day and night, and the minerals provided by the Loess soil, allow the vineyard to produce grapes with an extraordinary flavor. This place is a must-visit for wine lovers and those who are interested in learning more about wine production. Site> 

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