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About Desert Home

Facing a superb landscape, Bait Bamidbar welcomes you at the edge of the desert, on the outskirts of a quiet residential neighborhood that only Mizpe Ramon can offer. In this unique state-of-the-art holiday complex you will experience a blend of desert and town, deep quiet, splendid sunsets, and nearby attractions.

The quiet, minimalist style of these beautiful units is visible in every detail and

includes many natural elements: walls and tall ceilings awash with soft desert colors,

bleached wood floors, self-made wood furniture, bathroom floors reminiscent of desert

loam, and a private collection of local crafts and art. The magic outdoors and the interior

desert elements are deftly intertwined to offer you a real home in the desert.

From every corner you can relish the desert landscape. In the small garden of desert flora,

fruit trees, and herbs surrounding the complex you will find our Hot tub,

sitting and relaxation spots right at the desert's edge and a room where you can be

pampered with a wide range of alternative treatments.

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